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Research Group for Industrial Ecology & Systems Sustainability

Sustainability & Resilience

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Sustainability and Resilience of Emerging Products and Technologies

This research field aims to develop emerging new products that create a smaller environmental footprint  (e.g. low carbon) throughout their lifecycle, while considering the economic and social implications in producing and consuming the end products.  In this work, we endeavor to:

 Understand the relationship between energy production and all aspects of sustainability, including economic, social, and environmental issues;

 Analyze the whole energy supply chains/networks;

 Improve the understanding of climates, soil types, land use, and water issues;

 Support the development of diverse, non-food feedstocks that require less resources than conventional feedstocks;

 Determine life-cycle impacts of a major scale-up in energy production, from feedstocks to end-use in vehicles, addressing land use, habitat preservation, and soil health and impacts on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;

 Develop quantitative models of  land use changes associated with increased bioenergy production to be included in life-cycle analyses;

Research Plans
  • Systems Analysis of Sustainability
  • Sustainability Metrics, Assessment and Performance Prediction
  • Sustainable Renewable Energy Industry
  • Sustainability and Resilience Under Uncertainty
  • Sustainable Value Chain