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Research Group for Industrial Ecology & Systems Sustainability

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Research Areas

Our research typically occurs at the nexus between established scientific disciplines, i.e. chemistry, economics, natural resources & ecology, environmental science, engineering, business and management, social science, computing, operations research and management science. Because of this we adopt a multi-scale, multi-disciplinary, integrative approaches that enable us to bring a wide range of skills to bear on pressing environmental and sustainable development challenges. 

Core Research Areas include:

 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Integrated Environmental Assessment 

 Green Supply Chain Management

 Sustainability and Resilience of Industrial and Ecological Networks

 Systems Modeling and Agent based Modeling in Industrial Ecology

 Integrated Modeling of Economic, Environmental and Industrial Systems

 Carbon Footprinting and Climate Change Policy

 Sustainability Modeling and Assessment of  Mining Industry, Food Industry, and Renewable Energy Industry

  • Life Cycle Assessment of Emerging Technologies

Our research emphasizes the development of scientifically rigorous methods, tools and techniques for evaluating the sustainability and resilience of products and processes. We adopt a holistic view to allow consideration of details of individual processes and phenomena without missing their interaction with other systems. This enables consideration of systems at different temporal and spatial scales and levels of aggregation. The impact of our reserch is on improving the efficiency of value chains, reducing their negative environmental impacts, and designing effective government policies.