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Research Group for Industrial Ecology, LCA & Systems Sustainability


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Research Leader /Manager

Anthony Halog, PhD, MBA

(Assistant Professor/LCA Certified Professional)

Systems Analysis Sustainability 

(Quantitative Analysis) Group

Shashi Dhungel (Research Assistant/PhD student, SFR)

Najet Bichraoui (PhD Student, SFR)

Life Cycle Assessment/Industrial Ecology Group

Binod Neupane (Research Assistant/MS student, SFR/FBRI)

Deana Aulisio (PhD student, University of  New Hampshire)

Philip A. Nuss (PhD student, University of New Hampshire)

Mason Earles (MS student, SFR/AEWC)

Yosef Manik (PhD student, SFR)

Former Members

Rachel Bowman (NSF/REU student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT))

Nicolas Tokas (Graduate Student, SUNY Albany/Wadsworth Center)

Dr. Gurbakhash Bhander (Postdoctoral Research Associate) - now in the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Department of Energy (DOE)

Heather Leach, (Undergraduate Honor Student, Department of Ecological Economics)

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