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Research Group for Industrial Ecology & Systems Sustainability

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Vision & Goals
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The Research Group for Industrial Ecology and Systems Sustainability (IESS) is established in 2012 by Dr. Anthony Halog. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge research and training in the field of industrial ecology, cleaner production, systems sustainability and resilience through cross-disciplinary, life cycle thinking, integrative, and quantitative, computational analyses.

We pursue the vision of a viable, sustainable, resilient  and low carbon economy.

Our goals are:

 Developing a nationally/internationally recognized research program that advances the methods of  complexity science and industrial ecology to assess the environmental, ecological, economic and land use impacts of emerging novel industrial products and renewable energy systems;

 Developing and applying quantitative methods related to studying the life cycle environmental impacts of product life cycles;

 Developing life cycle inventory (LCI) data related to production of emerging products;

 Providing solution-driven research in industrial ecology and sustainability through complexity modeling and systems thinking;

 Advancing our understandings on dynamic human-environment interactions;

 Training students and researchers in an inter-disciplinary environment with world-class research programs;

 Supporting local, regional, and national environmental and natural resources policy ;

 Providing assistance to representatives from industries and landowners as well as natural resource sector.